What Diet is Best for Me

Posted on February 28, 2012

I have studied well over 100 dietary theories and there are many times we I am confussed on way I should eat... Do you eat carbs? Can Grains be toxic? Is Gluten really bad? Maybe I should just be a vegitarian or vegan?  How about I just eat local food?  You can drive yourself nuts.  I remeber going into school I had a pretty good understanding on how I should eat.  1/2 way through I was TOTALLY confussed.  Now that I am completed I realized that the truth is always somewhere in the middle.  I learned for each one of these dietary theories it has worked for someone and we are all unique this is why we need so many.  Everyone is different and everyone needs something different.

So you ask what one is for you....well I dont know....not yet!  Part of finding the right way to eat for someone is first understanding the person and what they need and what fits their lifestyle. 

When Good Meaning People Go Bad.

 Imagine recommending a vegan diet to someone with 5 kids and both parent working full time that live in an area where you cant get local grown veggies 6 months out of the year.  Unfortunetly this is what many people do.  

Total Mental Transformation...My Journey to being physically fit.

Posted on January 27, 2012

I look back to September when I still had the whole I hate to workout attitude.  Then I look at myself today and I LOVE my workouts, i feel horrible days I don't workout and I wanted too.  Its odd because I never would have thought I would have ever been this person.  For me I found functional strength, it wasn't just picking up/putting down weights it was about having strength to do simple tasks and not fall apart as I got older.  I didnt want to be the person who couldn't open a jar of pickles or not being able to protect myself or my family if I needed.

  • I can punch and feel powerful,
  • I can pick things up that should be heavy, hell I can pick up a 50lb sand bag flip it over (without putting it down) and place it on a shelf. I can pick up 30lbs+ in each hand and walk over 90 feet (multiple times)
  • I can hold a v sit up and plank with confidence
  • I can run with my kids and not feel winded I could even catch them if I needed to.  
  • I can walk around NYC with a 40 lbs child on my shoulder through Times Square.
  • I can pull a sled with over 100lbs and run up an incline with it.

I might not be my perfect size or weight and I might not look the way I want but I am strong, my jeans are loser, my core is tighter (no more muffin top here) and I am proud!

Real Food Vs Fake Food...getting kids to understand what they eat

Posted on November 11, 2011

I really believe the best way to change the future of our kids health is by educating them so that they will make healthier choices.  I can tell my kids all day McDonalds is bad food but that isnt empowering them to make healthy choices as they get older. I want my kids to understand why fast food is bad so they can make the right choices.

To help my kids understand I made things real simple

Real Food:

Comes from a farm 

Makes us healthy and strong

Fake Food:

Comes from a Factory

Makes us sick and weak

So what we do is anytime they ask for something I ask them "Is that Real Food or Fake Food" and I say now 99% of the time they are right.  

I also made up little flashcards for kids that you can download from my download page.

The Test

Last week my daughter bought school lunch. Let me just pause here, now I know some of you are thinking, how can you allow them to eat this.  Well simply the way I see it is moderation and they are kids and when you are 6 buying lunch in the cafeteria is fun.  But there are some rules:

1- must have a piece of fresh fruit.

But There is....My Journey to being Physically Fit. Entry 1.

Posted on November 7, 2011

I wanted to start a series of blog posts on my journey to being physically fit from a person who can think of a million other things that need to be done rather than working out. I have been following my husband insane workouts for just about 4 weeks and I feel amazing mostly I feel strong body and mind. However I wanted to document my journey as I can hopefully be an inspiration for someone else and this keeps me honest with myself.

Green Smoothie.....Recovering from Halloween

Posted on November 3, 2011

The last few days I think I have consumed more sugar than I normally do in a few months or more.  Today I am feeling weak and of course today my husband is putting me through a treacherous workout.  So to help our body begin the recovery process me and my husband started this morning out with a green smoothie.

Now I have to admit when I asked him if he wanted some there was a very loooong delay in the answer and finally in a very unenthusiastic voice...."I'll try some".  For those of you that don’t know my husband he is a meat and potatoes good ole Irish Boy so him admitting he would try some is a pretty big step.  Not only did he try some but he drank the whole glass.

Truth about Antioxidants

Posted on October 2, 2011


Lately everytime I enter a grocery or health food store you see the term "High in Antioxidants" and "Helps control Free Radicals" everywhere.  But honestly how many people understand Antioxidants or Free Radicals?   Well I hope this artical helps explain what Antioxidants are and why we need just not one but the whole network to work together.

What are Free Radicals

It is true that free radicals do cause aging, cancer and other diseases, which they do, however what many people don’t know is that free radicals can also be good. They help keep our brains sharp, fight infections and help blood move through our bodies. Free Radicals go rogue when they become out of control, that is when the help cause cancer, arthritis, advance the aging process…ect

Antioxidant Network

The antioxidants within the Antioxidant Network are the key antioxidants that help rebuild, strengthen and regenerate the other antioxidants in the network.

Vitamin C

  • Regenerates Vitamin E

  • Prevents cancer by protecting DNA from free radical damage