Video: Maple Almond Chia Pudding Recipe

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What happens when you combine a classic, comforting dessert with one of the most powerful superfoods? You get the ultimate delicious, nutritious sweet treat: Chia pudding! Sure, you may not associate pudding with healthy eating, but this recipe turns that notion on its head. Made with nutrient-filled chia seeds, plus antioxidant-packed maple syrup and health-boosting cinnamon, this isn’t just healthified “junk food,” it’s a nutrition powerhouse in its own right.  

In this video, Hailey guides you through her super easy maple almond chia pudding recipe. Once you try this one out, play around with different spices, sweeteners, and toppings to make it your own! Before you know it, you might have a new favorite dessert!

How to Be OK with Change

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Change is something that’s still pretty new to me. Until recently, I did whatever I could to keep it out of my vocabulary – and my life.

I chose to stay home and attend a commuter college while my friends went off to dorm rooms and new adventures, and I remained in a toxic relationship for more than five years because I believed it was more secure than starting fresh with someone new.

But that’s all in the past. As I get older, I find myself itching to make positive adjustments in my life more and more.

And with this, I’ve discovered how important and healthy it is to push ourselves to do the things that make us uncomfortable. It’s these actions, and not remaining in the bubble of our safe little worlds, that build our confidence and enable us to accomplish what we never thought we could.

Change is actually a really awesome superpower that we all have the ability to harness!

Getting to this realization wasn’t easy for me, but it’s totally doable for everybody if you take the right steps. Here’s what I’ve found helped me on my path to getting comfortable with that scary but remarkable six-letter word we call change:

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Benefits of Lemon Water

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If there’s one drink that nutrition and health experts swear by, it’s lemon water. Sounds simple, sure, but it is actually a powerhouse of a drink, and the perfect way to get your body ready for the day ahead. Lemons are packed with vital nutrients, like calcium, magnesium, fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins. They pretty much are little yellow balls of healthy goodness! Combined with the hydrating H20, you’ve got yourself the ultimate morning drink. Here are ten more benefits of lemon water:

1) Helps Digestion. In Ayurvedic traditions, it is believed that toxins build up in our stomachs and can cause disease if not cleansed. Lemon helps your digestive system by stimulating your liver to produce more bile. It also helps it by adding more acid that helps break down food and flush out toxins.

2) Freshens Your Breath. Lemon helps get rid of gingivitis and relieves toothaches. Just be sure to hold off on brushing your teeth for at least a couple of hours after drinking lemon water as the citric acid in lemon can erode tooth enamel.

7 Things You Didn't Know About...Kale!

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Kale is America’s favorite leafy green right now, and for good reason. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients that has earned it the superfood title. At just 35 calories per cup, this ruffled green provides 134 percent of your daily vitamin C needs, over 200 percent of your vitamin A, and nearly 700 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin K.

This abundance of vitamins, plus plenty of antioxidants and glucosinolates, makes it a healthy addition to any diet—which helps explain why it’s everywhere these days. 

As popular as kale is right now, I bet you didn’t know these 7 fun facts about it:

1. Kale has a long history: The records of kale date back as far as 600 BC, when the Celts brought it to Europe from Asia Minor. Because of its resistance to frost, kale grew in popularity across the continent. The Ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated it, and the Scottish ate so much that their word kail literally just meant food. Despite being brought to the U.S. in the 17th century, kale didn’t make its way into mainstream American diets until the late 90s.

5 Healthy Lunches for National Brown-Bag-It Day

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Happy National Brown-Bag-It Day! That’s right, today’s the day to celebrate the good old art of bringing your lunch from home. While checking out new places to eat by your office can be fun, and sometimes grabbing a sandwich from the local deli feels like the easiest thing to do, packing your own lunch is a much healthier—and less expensive—choice. Even those healthy-seeming salads from the local cafe can hide some not-so-nutritious ingredients.

Packing your own lunch for work may be more time  consuming (although how long do you spend waiting in line at the sandwich shop?), but with some simple planning and a weekend trip to the grocery store, it can become an easy part of your routine. To help you on your way to a healthier lunchtime habit, we’ve created five easy lunch options for every day of the work week. With each bite, you’ll feed your body, calm your mind, and rejuvenate for your afternoon!


Brown Bag #1: Kale salad with radish greens and zesty lemon dressing

To Be Right or to Be Happy? Tips to Stay Together

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Research suggests that almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce; not very good odds. When you really think about it, agreeing to share your life with someone is actually a pretty daunting thought. Based on this staggering figure, and having seen many failed marriages in our own families, my husband and I decided to attend a weekend-long workshop called Marriage Success Training before tying the knot, in an attempt to set ourselves up for a marriage without an expiration date.

Over the course of the weekend he and I embarked on an emotional journey that ultimately brought us closer together and taught us a lot. We asked questions of each other and ourselves that we hadn’t asked before. For instance, what were our goals as individuals and as a couple? Did we want to have kids? How important is money? And maybe the scariest one: how do we handle conflict? Now there’s a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about.

Healthy Recipes for a Delicious Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer for many people. Long evenings outside, fresh seasonal veggies, the smell of char-grilled everything … it’s the perfect time to share delicious meals with your friends and family. But instead of filling up on hotdogs and potato chips at your next barbeque, check out these tasty and healthy Memorial Day recipes prepared with mostly local and seasonal produce.


Snack Time:

If your family is like mine, they love to snack. These delicious appetizers will stave off hunger with whole, fresh ingredients.

Green Pea Mocka-Guacamole: This dip is not only sweet and delicious, but you can make it from the freshly harvested peas that are winding their way up your trellis.

Baba Ghanoush: This is a smoky roasted eggplant dip that’s a simple and delicious addition to any celebration.

Is Diet Soda Really That Bad?

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I’m Maria Marlowe, a Health Coach and author of Detox without the Deprivation. In my “Ask Health Coach Maria” series, I answer your health and wellness questions. Ask me your question here

Hi Maria,

I’m trying to get my dad to quit his diet soda habit. He thinks he’s doing himself a favor by drinking that instead of regular soda, but I’m not convinced. How bad is diet soda?

Sophia, KY

You’re right to question the healthiness of diet soda. A common misconception is that it’s healthier than regular. Not quite.

In fact, if you were going to drink any type of soda (which I don’t advise) then I’d rather you drink regular. While both have negative effects on our health, it appears that diet soda may do greater damage.

The high fructose corn syrup of regular cola may lead to weight gain, but cutting calories isn’t the same as staying healthy. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda can literally kill your brain cells, plus they can lead to weight gain themselves!

Here are the top 7 reasons I advise people to avoid diet soda: 

How to Be Your Own Health Coach

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In case you haven’t heard, health coaching has become an increasingly popular occupation among those who have a passion for wellness. It involves supporting clients through making gradual changes in diet and lifestyle in order to help them achieve balance and feel their best.

But do you have to work with a Health Coach or become one in order to gain these benefits for yourself? Well… you could, but there are certainly many ways that you can support yourself in reaching your health goals. All it takes is a little motivation, inspiration, and patience.

Here are 5 ways to be your own Health Coach…

Love yourself.

You thought I was going to say eat more veggies as the first thing didn’t you? We’ll get there, but the first step is really about creating a positive mindset and acknowledging that you are worthy of being nurtured in all the different ways that you need to be. Cultivate a sense of appreciation and love for your unique body, and that paves the way for other healthy adjustments.

Eat more green food.

Video: Homemade All-Natural Body Lotion (Super Easy!)

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It’s no secret that commercial body lotions contain some not-so-healthy mystery ingredients. Petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone—no thank you! Your skin is a vital and sensitive organ, and what you put on it affects its appearance, and your overall health.

Luckily, it’s super easy to make your own, all natural, skin-nourishing body lotion. In this video, Jade from Wellness Today guides you through a three-ingredient body lotion recipe that will leave your skin—and your wallet—thanking you. In just a few steps, you’ll have a long-lasting lotion that leaves your skin smooth, supple, and smelling great.

Watch now!